My years of combined experience in graphic design, web design and photography make me a strong asset to your team.

I possess the knowledge and understanding the design cycle displays. My understanding of the flow of design, allows me to start with a concept, followed by pre-press, and see a project through to final print and production.

To always stay one step ahead in this growing industry, I set goals to keep up with the latest trends and challenge myself to constantly think creatively. I research and practice current web and graphic design trends; coupled with my background in photography ranging from traditional black and white process to the digital age in which we all love and live in.

There is beauty all around us and I want to share the things that inspire me daily through my work. As a creative, I don’t have a one-track mind, I am also able to think analytically through necessary research and troubleshooting scenarios involving CSS and HTML.

My ability to blend logic and the abstract together creates a recipe for success. I firmly believe that the skills I have developed will create and implement innovative designs.